This is how many websites you can add to Ahrefs Dashboard for automated tracking. Creating a project on the Dashboard automatically creates it for Rank Tracker and Site Audit tools.

Here’s what we will track for you on the Dashboard: keywords rankings, changes in backlinks profile and Ahrefs ratings (Ahrefs Rank, Domain Rating, URL Rating).

It is possible to compare current stats with those of last 30, 60, 90 and 180 days:

For Dashboard projects in legacy reports, you can also disavow links.

The amount of non-verified projects is predetermined by your subscription option and varies from 5 with Lite plan to 100 with Enterprise:

It is also possible to add an unlimited amount of verified projects .

Important: if you remove a project from either Dashboard, Site Audit or Rank Tracker, it gets automatically removed from the two other tools. 

This limit only refers to Dashboard (Rank Tracker & Site Audit) projects.
With Site Explorer you can analyse more domains weekly according to your current package:

Video tutorial:

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