About Portfolios

Consolidate and monitor the performance of a list of target URLs.

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What are Portfolios?

Portfolios allow you to group a list of targets (domains, subfolders, or URLs) and view their aggregated metrics in Site Explorer’s reports.

Portfolios are available for new Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise plans.

How to add a portfolio

To add one, click on the “Create” button under the Dashboard menu and select “Portfolio”.

From here:

1. Add up to 1,000 URLs/workspace (100 for Standard, 250 for Advanced, 1000 for Enterprise) from 10 different domains

2. Select the preferred protocol and target mode

3. Name the portfolio

4. Share it with the appropriate team members

Portfolio use cases

Depending on the target URLs added, you can use Portfolios for a series of use cases. You can track the performance of your:

1. Competitors’ websites

2. Content writers and their portfolios

3. Published content on your client’s website vs. the total website

NOTE: Read about the use cases in detail on our blog post.

Portfolio limitations

At the moment, Portfolios only work with Site Explorer. In the future, they will support:

  • More Site Explorer reports (Best by links, Linked domains, Outgoing links, etc.)

  • APIv3 endpoints

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