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How to set up new mentions in Ahrefs Alerts
How to set up new mentions in Ahrefs Alerts

Find out how to set up new mentions in Ahrefs Alerts

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Are you trying to track online mentions of keywords you're interested in (for e.g your brand name)?

You can set this up in Ahrefs Alerts, and receive them in your inbox at the frequency you desire. 

Click on More, select  Alerts, then Mentions: 

Click "+ Add alert": 

Once clicked, this pop-up will appear:

  • In the "Search query" field, enter the keyword you wish to receive mentions of (for e.g ahrefs).

  • In "Mode", select whether you want Alerts to find these keywords in the title of the post, in the content of the post or both. 

  • In "Language", select your desired language. 

  • In "Exclude domains", select the domains you wish to not receive an alert from (for e.g if I am tracking mentions of Ahrefs, I would exclude

  • In "Intervals", select your desired frequency. You can choose from Daily (a daily report) to Weekly (a weekly report). 

  • you can also filter domains by rating, traffic etc.

Then, finalize your Alert by clicking "Add". 

Here's an example of what we might potentially be tracking: 

Pro-Tip: You can use Advanced Search Operators in Alerts. 

You can use most of the advanced search operators to customize and configure your Alerts. 

For example, you can use the OR operator to set up a single alert for your brand name AND common misspellings.

You could even do the same for multiple branded products—iMac, iPad, iPhone, Macintosh, Apple Watch, etc.

Video tutorial:

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