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How can I set up Ahrefs Alerts for my client?
How can I set up Ahrefs Alerts for my client?

Find out ways to set up Backlinks, New keywords, Mentions with Ahrefs Alerts so that your client will receive alerts emails to their inbox.

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Important note: Multiple recipients function in Ahrefs Alerts has been deprecated since April 2020.

With the removal of the multiple recipients function, the only way you can set up alerts for your client to receive alerts emails, therefore, is to add/invite them to your shared workspace.

What happens to you after you add/invite your client to your shared workspace?

If the addition of your client to your shared workspace exceeds your current subscription's default user seat limit, you will be charged at $30* per user seat per month (if you are on a monthly subscription plan) or $300* per user seat per year (if you are on an annual subscription plan).

*our pricing does not include sales tax

What happens to your client after being invited to your shared workspace?

Firstly, your client will need to accept the invitation so that he/she can access your shared workspace.

Once in the shared workspace, your client simply needs to head to Ahrefs Alerts (Backlinks Alerts, New keywords Alerts, Mentions Alerts) to set up the alerts by themselves so that they can receive respective alerts to be sent directly to their inbox.

Backlinks, New Keywords and Mentions Alerts are independent alerts. They are tied to the alert creator only, which means that they are private alerts that are not shared among different users within the same workspace.

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