The Keyword Movements report shows the history of all ranking movements that Ahrefs’ bots have noticed for a target website or URL.  Keywords reported as "Lost" in this report is considered to no longer be ranking in Google Top 100 SERPs.

You may sometimes be taken aback by noticing that we report a keyword as "Lost" but you see it ranking in Google, right? 

See below why this may be (OR not the case in actuality):

  • The URLs ranking for the site may be changing very often, so one URL may rank in top 100 today and another tomorrow for the same keyword.

  • The site might have appeared ranking for one keyword with two different pages; then one of the URLs was lost.

  • This is a "blinking" result, meaning that the result from Google seems to be "blinking": the keyword was really lost at that time we checked it, but it re-appeared now when we analyse the keyword.

  • The country you're viewing the data for, you can double-check in Organic Keywords report that the keywords in question actually rank in this country.  If it is ranking in another country in Organic Keywords report, kindly switch over to that country in the Keyword Movements report to see its movements.

  • The URL ranking in Google may be different from the URL we're reporting as "Lost".  For example, we may be reporting the "www" version of the site as lost, but the "non-www" version as currently ranking.  To see both versions, enter the "non-www" version of the site in Site Explorer and then head over to the Keywords Movements report.

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