Any unverified project that exceeds your subscription limit is automatically frozen.

*On a free plan, your project limit is 0. All unverified projects will be frozen.

You cannot add new projects when there are frozen projects in your workspace.

What happens when a project is frozen?

Frozen projects become inactive and won’t work in any tool. You will only be able to access its project settings and delete it.

The following functions are also paused:

  • Scheduled Site Audit crawls

  • Rank Tracker keyword updates

  • Alerts

How do I activate a frozen project?

You can do one of the following:

  • Remove some active projects, bringing the total number of projects within your subscription limits

  • Buy additional projects or upgrade your subscription plan

  • Verify ownership of your website to activate it

*On a free plan, you’ll need to verify ownership of a website or remove it.


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