You can invite others to join your workspace in two ways:

  • From the Members tab in your workspace
  • Click “Invite members” in your workspace switcher (upper right corner)

You can invite multiple members in one go. All workspace members share the limits of the workspace.

In case of a monthly subscription, you’ll be charged an additional $30 USD/month for each member that exceeds the user seats available on your subscription plan.

In case of an annual plan, this charge will be an additional $300 USD/year for each member.

Please note that if you’re on a Lite or Standard plan, this means that you will be charged as long as you invite another member.

This charge is automatic

Once you send an invite (or invites), the additional charges will be added to your subscription right away.

What happens after you send the invite (or invites) to additional member(s)?

They will receive an "Invitation to join Ahrefs" email sent to the email address indicated in the invite.

There are 2 use cases.

#1. For invited member who hasn't got an account with Ahrefs, they will first need to create an account.

Once clicking on "Accept invitation" link from the email to accept the invitation, they will then be asked to create their account's name and password (see below), hit "Continue" to complete the account setup.

#2. Invited member who has already had a registered account with us, once clicking on "Accept invitation" link from the email to accept the invitation; they will be asked to log in to their account.

Once logged in for both aforementioned use cases, invited member will be able to access both their own workspace and the shared workspace(s).

Below is an example where this invited member is having access to her workspace (Free plan) and a shared workspace (Advanced plan with 2 other members)

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