We have introduced our new plans on 18th March 2022. You can check our Plans & Pricing page https://ahrefs.com/pricing for more details (note: if you are still logged in to your account that is currently on the old subscription, you might need to either log out from your account or view the page in Incognito mode to ensure what you are seeing is the new plans).

Names of our 4 old/legacy plans are Lite, Standard, Advanced and Agency.

Name of our 4 new plans are Lite, Standard, Advanced and Enterprise (see the image below)

If you purchased a subscription with us before 18th March 2022, you are on an old/legacy subscription plan.

Some important notes you should know about your legacy plan:

  • Since we no longer support old/legacy plans, it is not possible for you to upgrade/downgrade to another old/legacy plan or switch from monthly to yearly billing or vice versa.

  • The main condition of keeping your current old/legacy plan is to make sure your subscription remains live and unchanged.

  • Once you switch to a new plan and have the old/legacy plan terminated, it is not possible to restore the old plan anymore.

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