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How to use Link Intersect to find Backlink ideas from Competitor Websites
How to use Link Intersect to find Backlink ideas from Competitor Websites

Find referring domains and referring pages that link to your competitors but not to your website using Competitive Analysis, Link Intersect

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Link Intersect is a tool that is available on all subscription plans, and is an improved version of the legacy Link Intersect tool. You can use this tool to:

  1. Find new link building opportunities to grow your website’s authority (DR or UR)

  2. Analyze your competitors’ link building strategies

Link Intersect can be found as one of the tools under Competitive Analysis in the top navbar:

There are two ways to do a Link intersect analysis. You can either pick referring domains or referring pages.

For either cases, you can follow these steps to set up your report:

  1. Enter in the target domain, or URL here. Suggestions will show up based on what you type in. If you want to compare only a single page against other pages, select “Exact URL” in the scope:

  2. In a similar fashion, enter in Competitor URLs. You can enter up to 10 competitors to compare against.

  3. Click on “Show link opportunities” to generate the Link intersect report.

For the Referring domains option: to check each individual backlinks coming from a single referring domain, just click on the number as it is shown below.

For the Referring pages option: a single referring page can link more than one time to the same website. To see all instances of this, you can click on the number as its shown below:

You can also easily export the results into a handy spreadsheet. To do that, just click the “Export” button in the right corner.

How to use filters in Link intersect report

Compared to the old Link intersect report, there are now many more filters you can use:

The upper set of filters allows you to filter for referring domains or pages for a variety of properties and metrics such asDR and Traffic.

The lower set of filters allows you to select which websites you’d like to find the intercepting links for:


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