Sometimes you may prefer to change the frequency of the alerts, temporary disable email alerts or even add more recipients to keep your team informed of the alerts. It only takes a few minutes to edit your email alerts for the following: Backlinks, New keywords, New mentions and Rank tracker. And here's how. 

Accessing the Alerts Settings

There are several ways where the alerts can be accessed.

One way would be clicking on the 'Alerts' tab can be found on the main navigational menu. 

From here, you can toggle between backlinks alerts, new keywords alerts as well as new mentions alerts.

Click on the "settings" icon to start editing your alerts. 

The other way to access the alerts are via the Dashboard. In this case, backlink alerts, keyword alerts an rank tracker alerts can be accessed. Do note that rank tracker alerts can only be accessed via Dashboard.

Also, the third way is to access the alerts directly from your emails. 

After logging into Ahrefs, it will bring you directly alerts page again where you can toggle between the different alerts and click on "settings" to edit the alerts.

Editing the Alerts Settings

You would be able to change the following:

  1. Recipients (up to 3 email addresses and separated by a "comma") to send these emails to. Also do note that a confirmation note will be sent to the new email address added and the emails will only be sent upon confirmation after users click on the confirmation link.
  2. Frequency of alerts. Depending on the specific feature and your subscription type, the frequency of alerts options will differ accordingly.
  3. Turn on or off email alerts.

Why are these alerts important again?

Watch this video if you need a refresher on what these alerts mean and how to automate them. 

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