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  •  We have created our crawler and index. We collect and arrange all data without any use of third-party services and are proud of the largest base of actual data on the links.
  • Our crawler can index up to 6 billion pages per 24 hours, and that's quite a lot.
  • Our index is updated every 15 minutes at the average (30 minutes in the worst-case scenario).  Thus, you can immediately see the most up-to-date info, no need to wait for months till the new links are added to the index.
  • We regularly update the data on links for pages we have visited earlier. The pages with a high URL Rating are visited more often if compared to the ones with a low rating.
  • Anchor text analysis option: the most popular anchors are shown including their domains and pages.
  • We can help to find particular issues on your websites. As soon as you fix them, your ranking in search engines will improve.
  • Social metrics like the number Facebook likes, Facebook shares, Google +1, LinkedIn, Pinterest for your pages and referring pages (for all paid subscriptions) are provided.
  • We show both: external links and linked domains, this will help you to catch spam on your site.


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