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What are SERP features, and how to filter for them?
What are SERP features, and how to filter for them?

Find out what SERP features are, and discover all the SERP features that can be seen for keywords of your target site analysed at Ahrefs.

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The days of 10 blue links are long gone - almost any keyword you put into Google will have a bunch of SERP features. Examples of this includes sitelinks, videos, tweets, knowledge cards, and more.

How the SERP feature filter works:

ahrefs SERP features filter in Site Explorer

There are 4 ways to use this filter:

  1. On SERP: See only keywords that have the selected SERP features in their SERP

  2. Not on SERP: See only keywords that don’t have the selected SERP features in their SERP.

  3. Where target ranks: See only keywords where your target's top position ranks in one of the selected SERP features.

  4. Where target doesn't rank: See only keywords where your target's top position doesn't rank in the selected SERP features.

You will notice that some SERP features will gray out when either Where target ranks or Where target doesn't rank is selected. This is because we don't track positions in SERP for all SERP features.

What SERP features we track in Ahrefs

Featured snippet

This feature is designed to give specific answers to search queries using information extracted from a third-party website, which is displayed in a box typically at the top of a SERP with a link to the website the information was pulled from.

Local pack

This feature appears at the top of the SERPs when a user makes a search with local intent. It contains a map and three local business listings relevant to the search. The Local Pack is also known as the Map Pack, Snack Pack, or Google 3-Pack.

The keywords triggering the local pack SERP feature often include “near me” or “near [location],” but not necessarily as Google knows your location by default. Learn more.

Site links

This feature represents other relevant links within your website that appear for queries involving your exact domain or brand name, helping users get to main pages they want to see directly from the SERPs.

Top stories

Top stories is a block of news articles relevant to a query that appears in the top half of the SERP and includes time stamps and publisher names.

Image pack

Image packs are several images that usually appear as a horizontal row of image links, clicking which will take you to a Google Images search. They can appear in any

organic position on a SERP.


Videos stand for a video carousel that contains thumbnails of multiple videos on the same topic. All featured videos are from across the web, with the majority coming from YouTube.

Tweets box

A couple of years ago Google partnered with Twitter and started to index tweets. Now directly in SERPs they display the most recent or trending tweets in relation to a user’s query.

AdWords ads 

They usually appear at the top and/or bottom in the SERPs, above and below organic results. Each ad has a bolded [Ad] label next to it.

Adwords top

Adwords bottom

Shopping results

This special AdWords block is designed to sell products directly, providing users with their images and prices. Shopping results show up for queries with product names and normally appear at the top of a SERP.

Knowledge card    

This feature appears when Google can give a short and definitive answer to the question and typically appears at the top of the SERP on a desktop search.

Knowledge panel     

This feature provides an extensive answer to a specific question and gives searchers basic information about a topic without them having to click through the SERP.  It usually appears at the top right corner of a SERP on desktop results and at the top on mobile devices, but, as always, under the AdWords.

People also ask

This feature represents algorithmically-generated questions that Google believes might relate to your search query. Each question typically represents a Featured snippet that expands in an accordion style dropdown. Related questions are mixed into organic results and can take different locations in the SERP.


Image thumbnails can appear along with other organic results when Google thinks they may benefit the user.

Thumbnails can be seen combined with other SERP features. In Ahrefs, we would categorise the following example as both "Featured Snippet", and "Thumbnail".

Video preview

Video previews can appear along with other organic results when Google thinks they may benefit the user. They have a title, a link, and a description just like a regular snippet.

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