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My scheduled subscription payment failed. How can I re-attempt the payment?
My scheduled subscription payment failed. How can I re-attempt the payment?

Find out how to trigger a new payment attempt for your Ahrefs subscription

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If you come across this message about "Failed payment" in your Dashboard or Account settings:

Or received an email from us that looks like this:

In which case there are two ways in which you can re-attempt payment for the outstanding invoice:

  1. Check the bottom for the email warning that the payment has failed, it would have a "Pay Now" button:

  2. From your Account settings or Dashboard, click on the View Invoices button:

    This will show the invoices that have not been paid:

    You can click on the linked invoices to see the Invoice PDF itself, detailing the line items that are due.
    Once ready, you can click on the Proceed to payment button.

You will then be directed to agree to our Terms and Conditions, and then the Checkout page where you can re-enter your payment details to authorise the payment attempt.

If the existing card does not work, you can consider switching to a different credit card. For any questions about your billing you can reach out to our support team via our Live chat on or via email at [email protected]

For Legacy subscribers paying via FastSpring

If your scheduled payment failed, there are 2 possible scenarios to trigger a new payment attempt. This is largely due to the fact that we have our billing on 2 different systems.

First, head on to "Payment methods" under "Billing" tab in your Account settings.
If you see the following "Lite/Standard etc. subscription details" link, head to Scenario #1.

If you see the following "FastSpring account" link, head to Scenario #2.

Scenario #1

Click on the "Lite/Standard etc. subscription details" link.

Then, click on the "Edit Subscription" button. If you can't find the link to click, hover your mouse near to the Edit Subscription words until a hand-click icon is shown:

Select "Update Payment Method" and click "Next".

Re-enter your existing or add the new credit card/PayPal account details accordingly. Then click "Update Payment Method".

Scenario #2

Click on the "FastSpring account" link.

In the Orders tab you will see all details of your order:

Switch to Subscriptions to see the payment option(s) you currently have on file. Click "Manage" > "Update payment method" option:

Update payment method (or if you do not need to change it, just re-enter the billing details anew) and save:

In case you have more than one payment method on file, please click on the "Use This" button for the payment method that you wish to use for your active subscription.

This will trigger an immediate new payment attempt and your Ahrefs subscription will be successfully extended for the next billing period.


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