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What does the WordPress Plugin require to work?
What does the WordPress Plugin require to work?

Find out more about what the plugin requires to work and your Ahrefs API subscription limit

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Ahrefs Requirements

The Ahrefs SEO WordPress Plugin is a part of Ahrefs toolset, classified under Integrations. You need an active account at in order to use the plugin's features without any restrictions since that entitles you to use Integrations. Refer to the section below to find out how many integration rows the plugin consumes. 

If you don't have an active Ahrefs account, you can opt for a free Authorization code during the plugin activation. The disadvantage is that the free code is temporary and expires every few weeks, so you’ll have to reconnect the plugin each time this happens.

Google Analytics & Google Search Console Requirements

In order to retrieve the required data to analyze your site pages, it is mandatory to connect your Google Analytics & Google Search Console accounts.

Please also note that we don't send any data from Google to our server. Check out our plugin Privacy Policy for more details.

WordPress Requirements

The plugin requires at least WordPress version 5.0 and PHP version 5.5 to work.

How many Integrations rows does the plugin consume?

The plugin pulls the number of backlinks for all the pages included in the analysis. Each page consumes 2 integration rows.

You can check how many Integrations rows you have left either in your Ahrefs API profile...

or under the Ahrefs SEO plugin admin settings.


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