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Why is my WordPress plugin incompatible with the Ahrefs SEO WordPress plugin?
Why is my WordPress plugin incompatible with the Ahrefs SEO WordPress plugin?

Certain under-maintained plugins contain libraries that have conflicting code with Ahrefs SEO plugin

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The main reason for incompatibility errors are under-maintained or outdated plugins or themes installed on your WordPress website. Starting with version 0.8.5, we completely isolated our plugin code from possible conflicts with third-party code. If the error has occurred after all, please pause the troublesome plugin before running content audit and activate it again once the audit has been completed.

If your Ahrefs SEO plugin version is lower than 0.8.5, the following incompatibility problems with open-source libraries are possible. We recommend upgrading to the latest version to avoid them.

In order for the plugin to work properly, API connections to data sources like Google Analytics, Google Search Console & Ahrefs are necessary. We use two important open-source libraries to facilitate these connections:

We've ran extensive tests to ensure that our plugin is compatible with the vast majority of other plugins in the market. However, it is impossible to ensure compatibility with 100% of the plugins out there due to the open nature & size of the WordPress ecosystem.

Certain plugins, especially those that are under-maintained or paid for years ago, contain old versions of the two important libraries mentioned above. We perform checks to ensure that your plugins are running at least:

  • Guzzle HTTP version 6.3 & above

  • Google API Client version 2.0 & above

If your plugins have been updated in the last 2 years, it will be compatible with the Ahrefs SEO plugin.

For those that have not been updated, simply pause the incompatible plugins by deactivating them before running content audit again.

Once the audit has been completed, you can go ahead and activate the incompatible plugins again as the Ahrefs SEO plugin does not need a constant connection to the APIs to provide you with an overview of the analysis completed.


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