About shared workspaces

Find out how to invite and manage members, and how to set their access levels.

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You can invite others to join your workspace in two ways:

  • From the Members tab in your workspace

  • Click “Invite members” in your workspace switcher (upper right corner)

You can invite multiple members in one go. All workspace members share the limits of the workspace.


Removing and re-adding members

Once you remove a member, they lose access immediately.

If you remove a member that exceeds the user seats available on your plan, your User seats add-on will be in a pending downgrade state that takes effect only at the end of your billing period. 

Until then, you’ll have an available user seat to use.

*This applies to both monthly and annual plans.


Member roles and access levels

There are three user roles with different access levels. You can edit user roles from the Members tab in your workspace.

  • Owner: Can pay, manage subscriptions, add users, change user roles, and change workspace settings

  • Admin: Can manage subscription, add users, change user roles, and change workspace settings

  • Member: No access to the features described above for Owner and Admin roles.

All data in the workspace is shared between members, no matter what their role is. This includes search history and keywords lists for now (we have plans to work on making these private in the future).


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