Our content index is basically a mini search engine. It has its own index and you can read more about it here. The data in the index is cached, however, we have three columns that show live values - Referring Domains, Page Traffic and Page Traffic Value.

When using filters and sorting with those metrics, you can get results that look strange and the order may can look random:

The reason here is that we filter the report based on the cached data we have in our index. But the numbers being shown are live numbers.

If you want to see the original values as they are stored in Content Explorer, you can rely on export.

Please note, that if you are using the "only broken" filter, the pages are much more prone to the discrepancy between the Content Explorer index and the live index, because the value in the Content Explorer index is from the last time the page was seen as valid.

If you hover over the 404 label you can see the date we saw the page valid for the last time.

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