Changing payment details is just a few clicks away. You will be able to update your preferred credit card or Pay Pal account.
(Please note,  that it is not possible to change from PayPal to Credit card or vise versa for a live Subscription. You will have to place a new Subscription order and cancel the existing one).

First, head on to  "Orders" page to view your current subscription details.

Then click "Change billing address, payment method".

Click "Edit Subscription". (If you can't find the link to click, hover your mouse near to the Edit Subscription words until a hand-click icon is shown.)

Select "Update Payment Method" and click "Next".

Update your credit card details accordingly or input details of your PayPal account. Then click "Update Payment Method". 

How to change billing address?

You may also change billing address that is linked to your Ahrefs account. 

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