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How do I change the credit card or PayPal account that is linked to my Ahrefs account?
How do I change the credit card or PayPal account that is linked to my Ahrefs account?

Find out how to change your payment details / payment method for your Ahrefs account

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There are 3 possible scenarios as we have our billing on 3 different systems. To check which Scenario your account falls under, head on to "Payment methods" under "Billing" tab in your Account settings:

Important note: paying via Paypal is only applicable on FastSpring system for legacy/old subscriptions purchased before 18th March 2022.

Scenario #1 - Old Legacy [FastSpring]

Click on the "Lite/Standard etc. subscription details" link.

Then, click on the "Edit Subscription" button. If you can't find the link to click, hover your mouse near to the Edit Subscription words until a hand-click icon is shown:

Select "Update Payment Method" and click "Next".

Update your credit card details accordingly or input details of your PayPal account. Then click "Update Payment Method". 

Scenario #2 - Legacy [FastSpring]

Click on the "FastSpring account" link:

Here you will see all details of your order:

Switch to Account Details and Payment Methods tab to see what payment option you currently have on file:

If you need to add a new card or tie a PayPal / Amazon account, you need to remove the current payment method and add a new one:

In case you have more than one payment method on file, you'll need to head back to the Subscriptions tab, and click on "Update payment method".

Click on the "Use This" button on the payment method that you wish to use for your active subscription.

The final step ensures that you have a payment method tied to your current active subscription.

Scenario #3 New billing [Chargebee]

Click on the "Chargebee account" link. Please note that in Chargebee only Visa, MasterCard, Amex and UnionPay can be added as payment methods.

Then click on the Payment Methods option:

You will see the previously added card and the option to add another one. Click on "Add New":

Please type the details of the new card in the next pop-up and click on Add tab:

Once the card is added you will be given an option to mark one of them as primary. Choose the one that you want to get charged for upcoming renewals by default as a primary card.


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