Scenario 1

Head on to "Payment methods" under "Billing" tab in your Account settings:

Click your subscription details link to get to "Edit Subscription" menu (If you can't find the link to click, hover your mouse near to the Edit Subscription words until a hand-click icon is shown):

Select "Update Payment Method" and click "Next".

Update your credit card details accordingly or input details of your PayPal account. Then click "Update Payment Method". 

Scenario 2

 Head on to "Payment methods" under "Billing" tab in your Account settings and click "FastSpring account" link:

Here you will see all details of your order:

Switch to Account Details and Payment Methods to see what payment option you currently have on file:

If you need to add a new card or tie a PayPal account, you need to remove current payment method and add a new one:


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