If you're looking at organic keywords your site is ranking for, you can easily get a ranking history graph by clicking the ‘Show History Chart’ button on the right side of the page.

For each particular keyword, you can see which position your website ranked for on Google's search page and how it changed. To see the graph only within top 10, 20, 50 or 100 of search positions, switch between corresponding modes in the top right corner. 

Under the graph, you can see the list of all your website’s pages which rank for this particular keyword. Check/uncheck some of them in order to add/remove their curves from the graph.

Another cool feature is the ‘Add Domain to Compare’ button. Insert your competitor's domain there to see which of their pages rank for this same keyword and where they are placed on the graph.

Pay attention that users of the Standard plan can only see positions history in top 50 results and the Advanced plan allows us to see keyword movement within top 100 results. On both plans, you’ll get data for the last six months, while full history back to June 2015 is available for Agency plans.

On top of this, ranking history can be found in our Rank Tracker. There you can track position history of any keyword from the day you’ve added it to the dashboard.

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