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How do I check my subscription limits?
How do I check my subscription limits?

Learn how to check if you've hit the subscription limits, how much more you have, and when it resets

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This article refers to any plan purchased before 18th March 2022. You can reach out to [email protected] for more details.

For plans purchased after that, please refer to this article instead.

Sometimes, while you're happily using Ahrefs, this "warning" pops up: 

This pop-up (and various other similar pop-ups) tells you that you've hit certain limits in your subscription plan

In order to continue using Ahrefs (or 'break' the limit), you'll have to upgrade your Ahrefs plan or wait for the monthly renewal on the stipulated date (the date above is an example; your date may vary) 

Go to "Limits & usage" report under Workspace in your Account settings:

From there, you will be able to check:

  1. When your limits (monthly & weekly) reset;

  2. When your next billing date is;

  3. How much more you have to go w.r.t the different tools in Ahrefs (e.g Site Explorer, Rank Tracker, etc.).


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