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How do I connect Google Analytics & Search Console to the plugin?
How do I connect Google Analytics & Search Console to the plugin?

Find out more about the required connections to the plugin

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The plugin requires mandatory Google Analytics & Google Search Console connections to work.

When you first connect a valid code from your Google account, we will automatically select the profiles with the most complete coverage of data for your site.

If the plugin fails to detect a suitable profile, you will be prompted to manually select the profile.

Selecting the wrong profile will cause the plugin to analyze your site incorrectly, due to missing data. It is rare (even though it does happen) that auto-detection fails to detect a suitable profile when there is one so we do not encourage you to manually select a profile.

In most cases, you have probably connected the wrong Google account during the authorization phase. This usually happens when you have multiple Google accounts signed in.

To change the authorized account, simple click on ‘Disconnect’ and go through the authorization process again.

It is also possible that you don’t have Google Analytics or Google Search Console accounts created, in which case you will have to create them to use the plugin:


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