Setting limits for Reports per month

  1. Be sure that you have the correct Workspace selected

  2. Go to Account Settings > Limits and usage

  3. Go to the Reports per User section, and click Set max limits

  4. A pop-up window will appear, with the option to set Max reports per month for individual users, as well as for the entire workspace.

By default, both Reports per user and Pay-as-you-go reports are set to unlimited.

You can choose different options to limit the number of reports consumed per month, then click Save.

When the specified limit is reached, tools that consume Reports per month on your workspace will be disabled:

Reports per user versus Pay-as-you-go reports

  1. Reports per month applies to each individual user. (Learn more)
    When you set a Reports per user limit for a specific user, you're defining the maximum number of reports that they can consume each month.

  2. Pay-as-you-go reports are additional reports shared by the entire workspace. They are added in blocks of 500, and only start getting consumed when an individual user exceeds 500 reports.
    When you set a Pay-as-you-go reports limit, you're defining the maximum number of reports that can be added to the workspace for sharing.

Examples for setting max limits

1. One power user, two inactive users

Each subscription you purchase comes with 1 power user, which can consume 500 reports per month.

No additional Pay-as-you-go reports will be billed with these limits. The inactive users would focus on using Rank Tracker and Site Audit, which do not consume Reports per month.

2. Three power users

This will bill + 2 x Power users on top of your subscription. Note that because all users can only consume 500 reports per month, no Pay-as-you-go reports will be billed.

If either limit is higher than the other, the lower report limit will be used. For the example below, limiting Pay-as-you-go reports to 1000 will not allow any additional reports to be consumed, since all workspace users have their individual limits set to 500.

3. 2000 Pay-as-you-go reports added to the workspace

This will bill + 2 x Power users and + 4 x Pay-as-you-go 500 additional reports on top of your subscription. Setting all users to unlimited allows any user to finish spending all the 2000 Pay-as-you-go reports allocated for the month.


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