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How are new plans different as compared to the old ones?
How are new plans different as compared to the old ones?

Find out the differences between old and new plans introduced in March 2022

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Ahrefs have introduced new plans. Hence we are getting a number of questions, most frequent of which we've decided to cover in this help article.

Q: How can I add a user with a new plan?

A: You can add unlimited number of users FOR FREE with any plan now. You can do it this way.

Q: Do I need to pay for the user right away?

A: For monthly plans you will be billed for each user based on their actual limit consumption on the pay-as-you go basis:

For annual plans you can also either pay on the pay-as-you-go basis or pre-pay for the whole year, thus saving a 2-months fee for this add-on.

Q: What are the types of users now?

A: Inactive user can consume up to 5 credits per month and no additional fee is required.

Casual user can consume up to 100 credits and that is additional $20 per month or $200 per year.

Power user can consume up to 500 credits for new Lite plan, 600 credits for new Standard plan and 750 for new Advanced and Enterprise plans with additional $50 per month or $500 per year required:

Q: What are my limits for checking sites in Site Explorer or keywords in Keyword Explorer?

A: New plans have a single limit called “Credits” that is consumed when using Dashboard, Site Explorer, Content Explorer, Keywords Explorer and Batch Analysis.

NOTE that Site Audit and Rank Tracker have their own limits and do not consume credits now.

This limit is well explained here.

Q: How many projects can I add with new plans?

A: The limit for non-verified projects is the same as before for Lite and Enterprise plans but it has increased for new Standard and Advanced plans:

Q: Do I keep my tracked keywords in Rank Tracker if I switch?

A: Yes, all the data for them will remain intact. Moreover, the number of tracked keywords in Rank Tracker is now higher for new Lite and Standard plans:

Q: What about update frequency for tracked keywords in Rank Tracker?

A: Each plan now offers weekly updated. But the good news is that the daily update can be now purchased as an add-on.

Q: Have the Site Audit limits changed?

A: They are more appealing now for Lite, Advanced and Enterprise subscriptions:

Q: How long do you store crawl history with new plans?

A: Now data retention in Site Audit for all plans is 12 months from the time the project is created.

Q: How far back can I check sites data in Site Explorer?

A: Historical data access has been updated this way:

Q: Was the export limit affected by this update?

A: Now we have a unified export rows limit for all the tools with the option to purchase additional export rows if needed. Please NOTE there is no per export limit now:

Q: Can I check broken links with new Lite plan?

A: New Lite plan will not have access to the following SE reports:

  • Content gap

  • Broken backlinks

  • Broken links

  • Outgoing links

  • Link intersect

Such tools as Content Explorer, Batch Analysis as well as SERP updates feature are now available for new Standard plan and higher:

Q: Are there any new features for new plans?

A: New Standard plan give access to Portfolio and Competitive Analysis features:

New Advanced plan will give access to such features as Site Structure, Google Data Studio integration, Dashboard folders. More details on the features here:

Enterprise plan additionally offers Access management, Pay by invoice and Directory listing options.

Q: Why should I switch now?

A: There are a number of new helpful features coming soon which will be integrated only into the new plans: Calendar View and Report sharing for Standard plan and higher; HTML source, Content Master, Ahrefs Search for Advanced and higher; API, Audit log, SSO for Enterprise plan. More details are on this page:

We do plan to bring even more helpful features in the future. Switching to new plans will allow to get access to them firsthand.

Q: How can I pay for new plans?

A: Currently we accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and UnionPay payment methods.


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