**This article refers to any plan purchased after 18th March 2022. You can reach out to support@ahrefs.com for more details. For plans purchased before that, please refer to this article instead.**

Users are people who you can invite to join and access your Ahrefs workspace.

Invite users by going to Account Settings > Members.

Users are always free to invite.

When is a user chargeable

Users that you invite remain free as long as they do not use more than 5 reports each month.

When a user shows significant activity by using more than 5 reports, they become chargeable that month.

Learn more about how reports work in this help article.

Types of chargeable users

There are two tiers of chargeable users depending on their monthly report usage:

  • Up to 100 reports – Casual user ($20/mo)

  • Up to 500 reports – Power user ($50/mo)

Note that each plan includes one power user. So if you’re the only active user in your workspace, you're already covered for 500 reports a month with your plan subscription fee.

Paying for users

There are two ways to pay for users.

  1. Pay-as-you-go

    This is the default payment option. You’ll be automatically charged for the number of casual and power users in your workspace on a pay-as-you-go basis.

    This option is slightly more expensive, but it gives you a lot more flexibility in return. With this option, no matter how many users you have in your workspace, you will only ever be charged for active users – and only in the months when they are active.

  2. Prepaid

    If you’re on an annual subscription plan, you also have the option to prepay for users at a discounted rate. When you prepay, casual users cost $200/year each and power users cost $500/year each.

    In the case where you’ve prepaid for a casual user but their actual usage ends up exceeding 100 reports, a $30 charge for a "casual to power user upgrade" will be added. It will be an additional $300/year for annual pre-paid users.

    If you can predict the number of active users you’ll need, this is the best option for you. With this option, you pay a discounted monthly fee for the number of active users you expect.

Remember that you can always combine both prepaid and pay-as-you-go payment options.

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